Jacob D. Rezac

Postdoctoral Researcher
Applied Mathematics

July 2017: Accepted a postdoctoral position at the Communications Technology Lab at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
June 2017: New article published in Journal of Computational Physics: Direct imaging of small scatterers using reduced time dependent data (with Fioralba Cakoni)
February 2017: Article selected for Highlights of 2016 collection in Superconductor Science and Technology: Memory cell operation based on small Josephson junctions arrays (with Yehuda Braiman, Niketh Nair, and Neena Imam)
January 2017: New article published in Physica A: Parameter optimization for transitions between memory states in small arrays of Josephson junctions (with Yehuda Braiman and Neena Imam)
September 2016: Article published in Inverse Problems: The Born transmission eigenvalue problem (with Fioralba Cakoni and David Colton)